Vietnam Tea

Nowadays, Vietnam is considered to be one of the cradles of the world’s tea plants. When the French invaded Viet Nam, they paid special attention to tea plants with much research and many investigations into the quality of Vietnam tea.

During the French stay in Vietnam, they built cultivation research institutes in Phu Ho (Phu Tho), Bao Loc (Lam Dong), Pleiku (Gia Lai) and established a nursery containing 27 tea varieties and a tea production factory on Phu Ho farm.
By August 1945, there were 13,585 ha of tea plants around the country, producing 6,000 tons of dried tea, black tea, green tea and scented tea.
Then, it was impossible for tea plants to develop until 1955, when the North was entirely liberated. At that time green tea is the main product for domestic demand and export to China.
The year 1956 marked the appearance of 2 tea factories in Phu Tho each with a capacity of 25-35 tons of fresh buds per day and 1 electrical factory equipped with the most modern technology of the time.
Tea factories were developed with the help of Russian technology. Dozens of experts were appointed to tea production units to study and many Russian scientists also came to Vietnam. In 1957, 700 tons of black tea and 500 tons of green tea were exported to Russia.
From 1955 to 1975, due to the effects of war, the tea production did not undergo much improvement. However, in the North, the tea industry still expanded to 65,000 ha yielding 35,000 tons of dried tea, of which 18,000 tons were exported.
By 2007 the planted area of the whole country had reached 131,000 ha and the dried tea output 167,000 tons of which 130,000 tons was exported and the domestic consumption was 30,000 tons. Vietnam tea has found its way to more than 80 nations.

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